Random Bullets

  • I finally bought a tennis skirt this past weekend while shopping with my SIL, Sarah. Boy these things are short! It didn't help my tennis game much, but it did help me on the treadmill last night.
  • It is hard to concentrate on your tennis game when the ice cream truck keeps circling the park!
  • I was pretty disappointed with The Bachelorette the other night. I was pulling for Reid or Kiptyn, although Ed was one of my top picks. They were very cute together last night on the show. I love Jillian's style. If you love her style too, you can visit this site to find out where her clothes are from.

  • Do you ever have a shirt, skirt, dress, etc. that you search for, for years? {yes, that is a horrible sentence, but I couldn't come up with anything else. leave me alone.} I love striped oxford shirts. I have one that is light pink and white that I LOVE. It is my go to shirt. I have been searching for a blue and white one for years. I have had the pink one since probably junior year of college. It is just a classic shirt that will be in style forever. If you look closely you can see the stripes. They don't show up very well in photos.

A few weeks ago Chesley and I were searching for a few clothing items for her to take on vacation. We just happened to wander into JCPenney, which is where the pink and white striped shirt is from. I came across a blue and white one! I was so excited, but not excited about the price. I know, I know I had been searching for this shirt for years, but they have a different sale every week so I decided to wait. I went online yesterday it was on sale for almost 1/2 off! Whoo hoo! Ches and I headed to the mall and I bought it. {I realize that several stores sale a shirt similar to this every year, but they never fit me right. They always seemed to be too boxy.}

  • I know I have had several self-portraits lately. I promise I'm not incredibly vain!

*Update: The belt is from Forever 21.*

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