Weekend Recap

Friday night Ty and I headed down to the riverwalk (no, not the San Antonio riverwalk). Megan's husband's band was playing. I love getting to see Megan! The band was really good. I love outdoor concerts and this one had the perfect background of the river. Her husband has such a good voice and is a cutie! Megan was so worried about everything while he was playing. It was very cute!
Saturday morning we ran some errands and took Nuts to the dog park. There weren't any small dogs there, so we let him run around with the big dogs. He actually enjoyed himself. The first time I ever took him to the big dog side he wasn't sure what to think about those huge dogs, but this time he ran around like he was one of them.
After recovering from our busy morning and the heat I started craving snow cones. I have never seen a snow cone stand in this town. I tried googling them, but nothing came up. Then I turned to twitter. Thankfully, Megan responded and saved the day! What did we do before technology?!
Ty and I headed straight to the stand. I was so excited!!!! I order my snow cones without tops. The tops are too messy and I end up spilling most of it on me or the ground. {I always get strawberry. boring, but good!} I can't wait to go back!

Yesterday was my little brother's birthday. There is this funky little store that sells the funniest cards. I am always laughing out loud when I am trying to pick one out.
The card reads: It's your birthday.*
*Wow, you were born. Whoopee.
{and it's letterpress. I heart letterpress.}

I couldn't resist throwing in this car air freshener. It is supposed to smell like mustard. haha! The perfect gift for a pesky little brother.
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