Why I heart Google

Who doesn't love Google?

1. It is my search engine of choice. I bet I visit it 100 times a day.
2. I love when they change the way the Google logo looks to match holidays.
3. Google Maps! I would be lost without them. Did you know you could save maps with different locations on them? It is the best thing for planning trips.
4. They provide blogger along with google analytics. (Although I have a love/hate relationship with blogger.)
5. Google Reader. If you read blogs you should be using google reader.
6. iGoogle. I don't know how I got iGoogle. It just showed up when day when I typed in google.com. I love it. It has a bunch of different features like showing my gmail account underneath the search engine. But my favorite new thing is the different themes you can choose to customize what your page looks like. I chose the Kate Spade theme. It rotates through 4 different Kate Spade backgrounds. It is sooooo cute!

That is what igoogle looks like: {you can click on it to make it bigger}

I had to spray paint out some personal details. And yes if you click on it to make it bigger you can see that I was stalking Kellie Pickler. :)
7. Google helped me find out how to do that screen shot. It's quite simple.
8. gmail. I love this e-mail account so much that it gets bullet points underneath it.
  • The chat feature. LOVE it!
  • It has theme options as well. None as cute as the options for igoogle though. I use the tree background. It changes to coordinate with the weather in my city. Some days it is sunny or cloudy or rainy. Its nice to know what is going on weather wise when you are stuck in a windowless office.
  • I can forward my blog e-mail account to my regular gmail account. It is hard to check multiple accounts and this way I don't miss anything from you wonderful gals. You just log into whatever gmail account you want to start forwarding. Click on Settings, then Fowarding and POP/IMAP and forward it to another account. easy peasy!

Google, I think I love you! What will you come up with next?

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