Week O' Fun, part 2

My week o' fun is over. I am back at work today. Although, it's only for one day, so I can't complain too much. Then we have an out of town wedding to attend. So the fun will continue.

Here is a recap of the last week:

I took Ty for his first Summer's 5th Night (concert in the park).

All the girls and Nuts. It was a billion degrees outside.

Last Friday we headed to Branson, MO. Ty's parents have a time share there and offered us a weekend. It was very generous of them. I was excited because it isn't a long road trip. Ty loves road trips, me not so much. The resort where we stayed was very nice. We had a fantastic suite with a kitchen, living room, bedroom and jacuzzi.
Because blogger is not cooperating with me the pictures are backwards, starting with the last day first and there is some weird spacing--just ignore it. :)

Ty loves miniature golf. There are probably 8 courses in Branson. People that go there must love putt-putt.
We tied! This is a miracle! He is pretty good and I am pretty bad, but it must have been my lucky day or something. And I got a hole in one!! I don't think I can stress to ya'll enough how big of a deal this is for me. I am not very coordinated or athletic. I will never let Ty forget that score!
Maybe it was my mini golf attire that helped me.

Nuts travelled with us and stayed at a place called Camp Little Paws. I loved the name of it. We checked him out for a couple of hours one day and took him to the lake with us.

I love tree lined roads.

View from our balcony. I was in heaven with all those trees.

Water show at Branson's Landing.

About to order food on the lake.

Ty feeding fish at the fish hatchery.

Yummy Japanese Steakhouse.
Spent a couple of hours at a winery. I had never been to one before. We had so much fun.
We also spent an afternoon shopping at the outlet malls and got some great deals. It was a very relaxing vacation. I loved spending so much time with Ty! He starts his rotations July 1. I'm anxious to see how it is going to all work out and what his schedule will be like. Whatever it is, it has to be better than him studying an avg. of 10 hours a day!


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