Week O' Fun part 1

I am going to try to document all the fun that we are trying to squeeze into this week. Monday night we watched the first couple of episodes of True Blood, season 1. I was a little disappointed, because it wasn't quite as good as the books. That being said it is a good show.
Last night we headed to Dave and Busters. My parents gave Ty a gift card there for his birthday. He was very excited. The man loves arcade games. There was a mini arcade at our hotel on our honeymoon. He had to play a game or two everytime we left the hotel. It was our first trip to Dave and Busters. We had such a good time together.

I loved this Rambo game! Maybe I need to break out the b.b. gun when we go home next week. You know, get some target practice in before I play again. :)

Check out my ring pop! I bought that with all my tickets!

June is my blog-o-versary! I missed the actual day which was earlier this month. In honor of my blog-o-versary I decided to get a dot com website. So now my blog address is sweetsimplicityblog.com. Don't worrry you don't have to change anything blogger automatically redirects you there and everything else stays the same. It's much better than the one I made up through blogger in the early days. I had no idea what I was doing or how much I would love this outlet for my thoughts or how many friends I would make because of my little blog. Thank you all for reading and for all the comments. They always make my day!
**update** **If you are interested in your own dotcom address please see the comment I left below in response to a lot of questions. Feel free to e-mail me with any other questions: sweetsimplicityblog@gmail.com**
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