Summer's Fifth Night

*Ya'lls response to the topsy turvy planter was impressive. It seems like everyone wants one. Someone told me that they have them at Wal*Mart for $10. Just a heads up for anyone that was thinking about getting one.*
Happy Birthday to the hubs! He turns the big 2-5 today!
He's so handsome!

Last night Chesley and I went to Summer's Fifth Night. It is a concert series at an outdoor, upscale shopping center. People bring lawn chairs, food and wine and just hang out and listen to the live band. The shopping center hosts this every Thursday night during the summer. It is so much fun! It reminds me of Millenium Park in Chicago, except this takes place in a parking lot, not a beautiful park. It was a gorgeous evening. We ate yummy grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches from Queenies.

There was quite a crowd last night. It was so much fun to people watch. A lot of people brought their dogs. Maybe next time I will have to bring Nuts...

I can't wait for boards to be over so Ty can go with me!

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