Mouse-itis: Its a real thing!

I have self-diagnosed myself with mouseitis. I sit at a desk all day and most of the time my hand is on the keyboard or mouse. I have developed this pinching feeling around my neck on my right side. I am right handed--the hand that uses the mouse all day. Therefore I have mouseitis! I'm convinced its a technical medical term. Ty likes to say that I have a depressed 1st rib. tOEmato, tomAto.

I had no idea there were ribs near your neck. Ty worked on me a little yesterday, but the mouseitis is back. I need to make my desk more ergonomically correct. My desk chair is one of those huge executive chairs. I had it sitting pretty low so I was always holding my arm up high to reach the mouse. Ty couldn't comprehend why I had my chair so low. Well, I will tell you why: if I raise it and sit all the way back in my chair my feet don't quite lay flat on the ground. But I guess I would rather not touch the ground than have mouseitis.

I googled mouseitis to see if anyone else had this problem and to see if it had a technical name. Turns out the technical name is mouseitis and it is common, kinda like carpal tunnel. And here I thought I was being so cute and termed the name mouseitis! :)

{Happy Birthday Dad! Love you!}
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