Weekend Recap

Shopping, New Moon, chocolate chip cookies--It was a perfect weekend.

Friday I convinced Ty to shop at Target with me. I just love that place.
We found these flannel sheets to keep us warm this winter.

I found this sweater in the dollar section by the front.

He wasn't too sure about it, but he did let me keep it on him. Nuts always acts like he is going to die from the frigid temps, so I thought a sweater might help.
The sweater wasn't made for a dachshunds body, but I might be able to do some tweaking.

Saturday I went to a craft show with my aunt, cousin and cousin-in-law. It has become a tradition for us to do this every year. It is so much fun.
I ate the biggest corn dog ever.

It ends where my hand is holding. Isn't that huge?!?

I only bought one thing there, but oh my goodness if I was pregnant or had children I would have gone crazy. There were so many cute things for babies!

I bought this napkin holder.

I have wanted one of these for quite some time. I can't wait to find some Christmas napkins to put in there.

Ty had to work this weekend. He is on a family practice rotation and they only had to work one weekend this month. Thank goodness. After he got off on Saturday we headed straight for the movie theater to see New Moon. I thought it was a great movie! We did have to listen to people (girls and older ladies) scream when Jacob took his shirt off.

Sunday Ty's sister-in-law was in town visiting her parents. She came to church with me on Sunday. I got to spend some time playing with Nathan during church. I'm not sure how parents ever listen to the preacher. (And he is a good baby!) He kept me amused and he wore the cutest little outfit!

Sunday afternoon I worked on a onesie project, baked cookies and cleaned like a mad woman. I may have used a little too much bleach when I cleaned the bathroom. I need to invest in some rubber gloves. The smell has finally come off my hands.

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