Birthday Extravaganza

This weekend we headed home to attend Ty's nephew's 1st birthday party. It just so happened to be my birthday weekend. (Nathan's birthday is this coming weekend, but the party was a week early so that everyone could attend.) I haven't been at home for my birthday in years. My parents have always traveled to my college town or we have met in the middle.

My grandma took us out for a birthday dinner on Friday and then we made the drive home. We spent late Friday night and Saturday with Ty's family. We had the most gorgeous weather.

Nuts loves to play with Harley as long as Harley is tied up.

Ty's parents' house is down in this valley and is in the middle of a huge plot of land. There were still several trees that had beautiful leaves on them.

Saturday evening was spent at Nathan's 1st birthday party and I will do a post
on it soon. It was adorable!

We spent Sunday with my family. Sunday, the 8th, was my actual birthday.

I love cookie cakes!!!

Mine had a cupcake with sprinkles on it!
We used to always get a cookie cake for everyone's b-day in my family.
If it was your birthday you got to cut out whatever the center design was and have it all to yourself. No one else could eat it. You also had slices of the outside too. But you were guaranteed that center piece. (Yes, my family has some issues with sharing food.)

I was so excited to cut out my cupcake to take home.

My Mom had the table set with her china and my great-grandma's serving pieces.

I have been begging my Mom to let me take these gorgeous green bowls home.

There are 4 or 5 small bowls like the one above and one big bowl.

This picture describes my family perfectly.

Ty, Nuts and I drove home late Sunday afternoon. We celebrated my birthday by getting Chili's To Go (my fave!) and opening presents.

This was one of my gifts from Ty.

It's the kid size snuggie! It is the perfect length for me.
This gift was a complete surprise. He thought that since I spent so much time on the couch I needed something to keep me warm. Not sure if that was a nice comment or not. But hey, now he is encouraging me to stay on the couch!

Nuts kept trying to get under the snuggie with me. Since it is the kids size there isn't quite enough room for him. Plus he is a cover hog.

I told my Mom that Nuts had a Christmas list and he wanted a dog snuggie. I was just joking, but now I think he really does need one, because I'm not sharing!

I had a great birthday weekend with lots of family, presents and fun.
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