Halloween weekend

There is an elementary school a couple of blocks from where I work. They always walk over on Halloween and trick or treat at our building. I have always been on a work trip at the end of October, so I was so excited to be in the office this Halloween.
I dressed up as Minnie Mouse.

This was the cutest Halloween costume. The front of his fire truck had lights that really lit up.
It was adorable.

Ty went to the OSU football game Saturday night and I stayed home to get ready for a work trip. I was so upset when I found out there was a football game on Halloween. I really wanted to get dressed up (Nuts too) and hand out candy. Dang college football.
Saturday afternoon I headed to the suburbs to see my little cousin
play in a 7th grade football game.

This part of the state takes football so seriously. These kids looked like high school players.
I finished out my Halloween night with a trip to Target. Next year, I will be handing out candy to trick or treaters. There better not be a college football game...
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