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I have made some great In Real Life friends from the blogging world. It is so much fun to be able to meet up with them. Just this past week, I met up with Megan from Tales of the Trees. I stopped by her office and taught her how I curl my hair. (One of the best parts of having girlfriends--learning how to do new hairstyles.) Then we went to dinner. I hadn't seen her in a few months and it was so nice to catch up in person.

Through Google Analytics, I can see my top referring blogs. Meaning the girls below either link to me or people click on my name when I comment on their posts and then people visit me through their link. This is the best way to find out about new fantastic blogs and I want you all to visit these great ladies! I love this weird, little blog world and all the inspiration I get from blogs.

Without further ado, my top referring blogs:

The Glamorous Life of a Housewife; Whitney and I used to work together and our husbands are in the same medical school class. I miss her so much at work. :(
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Pretty in Pink; Megan is always up on the latest trends. I love seeing how she puts together outfits.
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In this Wonderful Life; Megan is one of my IRL friends. She is pregnant with baby Cohen and they are struggling so much with his health right now. Please pray for them. She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met.
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Pink Sass
; N is so fun and sweet. She is a workout queen and always has good advice. Plus, we were in the same sorority (not at the same college). I love having random things in common. :) I hope I get to meet her in Atlanta this summer.
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The Newlyweds Next Door; K travels a lot for work and has great travel tips. She and her husband are also great at budgeting and saving and she has lots of tips on that too. We have several things in common and I love reading her blog.
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Elefantitas Alegres; Kate is one of the funniest bloggers. She makes me laugh out loud while reading her posts all the time. She is a great writer and I love seeing her outfits of the day.
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Hatching Hudson; Natalie has the most precious little boy and is pregnant right now with their second child. She takes the best pictures of her boy.
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Blue Eyed Bride; Erin and I share a passion for event planning. I can't wait to see all the details from Hudson's first birthday party! She also has a great decorating style and lives in this great, older home. Oh yeah, she is also an Alpha Chi just like Pink Sass and I!
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Tales of the Trees; Megan and I have so much in common. We always talk non-stop when we are together. She is a great writer and writes posts that really make you think. Megan also has a great sense of humor and cracks me up while reading her posts.
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