One more year

With graduations happening all around me and our medical school graduation this week, I can't help but think ahead to Ty's graduation next year. Only one more year of medical school?? Where has the time gone? Sometimes it feels like we have been in this place in our lives forever and other times it feels like it just started yesterday.

Three years ago, we both received our bachelors, got married two weeks later and two weeks after the wedding moved to a new city.

A city that I did not want to end up in. I was hoping that Ty would choose to go to the other medical school in our state. It is in a city that I was more familiar with and had hopes of an NBA job there. I had interned with the Hornets and had hoped they would stay in OK or that a new team would be brought in. A new team was brought in, but I can't imagine us in that city or me in that job anymore.

God truly provides. I moved to a new city not knowing very many people with a husband who would be studying non-stop. While I was excited to start a new life with Ty, I was very nervous.

My best friend and roommate from college happened to apply to graduate school in my new city and after much debate decided to attend that school. I was beyond ecstatic.
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Chesley moved into the same apartment complex as us, just a few buildings down. It was perfect! We didn't have cable that first year to save money, but Chesley did. I would just walk down the lawn to her apartment. We spent a lot of nights eating mexican food and going to the ridiculously cheap (but new releases) movie theater. Ty, Chesley and I became the three musketeers!

I started a job with a city owned company and did catering in hopes of moving up at their corporate headquarters. I wound up hating that job. A position opened up at Ty's medical school and my first day was during his orientation week. It could not have worked out more perfectly. The job was made for me and I have learned so much and made so many friends. It turned out I was not the only wife of a first year medical student in my office and became fast friends with Whitney. It was so nice to have someone to bond with not only over work, but our husbands were going through the same things.

We found a great church where we are needed and I fell in love with this city. Isn't it amazing how God works?!

As Ty is deciding what to specialize in and where to set up rotations for the next year, I keep reminding him and myself of all the these things. Yes, it is scary to think that we could move to Chicago, Oregon, or even Brooklyn, but ultimately I know God has a plan for us.
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