Kitchen Curtain Project

I have been searching for a year for kitchen curtains. I could never find anything that I liked and I didn't want to hang blinds. Natalie was in nesting mode a few weeks ago and made some similar curtains. I thought hers turned out great! She now has a gorgeous little boy.
I am going to attempt to give you all a tutorial, but let's face it I am awful at tutorials. So this probably won't be very helpful, but maybe you will get the gist.

First things first, measure your windows. I went to Joann's to look at fabric because it was on my way home from work. I picked out a black and white damask home decor fabric. The home decor fabric is thicker than regular cotton fabric. All of our kitchen appliances are black and I wanted the curtains to match them.

I folded my fabric in half so that it shows the same on both sides and so that it is a little bit thicker and blocks the sun better.

Make sure you fold it with the wrong side of the fabric up.

Measure how wide you want the curtain to be and cut off the excess fabric.

Nuts was ready to play. I was not as enthusiastic.

Poor dog got thrown outside.

Then I pinned the two sides and sewed down both sides. Since I folded it in half I did not have to sew the bottom. Once the sides were sewn I folded it inside out, which showed the right sides of the fabric. At this point I got lazy and stopped taking pictures. This is why I am horrible at tutorials!

Then I folded over the top of the curtain an inch or so and sewed it to make a flap for the curtain rod. I bought grosgrain ribbon and folded it over the curtain and tied it in a bow at the bottom.

I also got a new picture for the kitchen.

The lighting was not cooperating, but I wanted you all to see it head on.

I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. It didn't take long to do and cost me under $13.

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