fab target finds

I was reading According to Nina yesterday and she wrote about these great rosette tees at Target. I fell in love with them and decided to head to target after work. It comes in red too.

Unfortunately, the location I went to was out of my size and barely had any left. I'm going to check a couple of other locations though. Fingers crossed!

I did find a couple of other tops that reminded me of a few j.crew items.

I loved this scalloped shirt when j.crew put it in stores, but it did not fit me right.

This shirt came in a ton o' colors.

I love finding good deals and I love reading about them on blogs, so I wanted to share with all of you.

So head to the nearest target and shop, shop, shop! I didn't do a price comparison on these products, but I'm sure there is at least a $20-$40 difference! You can't beat the tarjay prices!!


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