Foodie Trip

Ty and I took a food road trip on Saturday to Krebs. It is a town that was founded by Italian Americans. There are 3 authentic Italian restaurants in the small town. I had been wanting to go for a long time. Ty told me early last week that he had planned a trip. I was so excited!

We headed to Lake Eufala to eat lunch and explore around the lake. We have some great college memories from spending weekends at the lake with one of Ty's college buddies.
Lunch at the tastee-freez

One of the best cheeseburgers ever!

There is an Italian grocery store in Krebs. It would have been great if we were planning a dinner. We should have packed an ice chest. They had great meats and cheeses. We sampled bread with different olive oil and some cheeses. So yummy! I bought some parmesan salad dressing and can't wait to try it.

I was fascinated by all this fig stuff. I have no idea what you would use it for.

We didn't time the trip exactly the way we wanted to so we explored downtown McAlaster. We found a small winery and some cute little shops. We also went to the Krebs Historical Museum... Very interesting little place.

We weren't sure which restaurant to choose in Krebs. We ended up going to Pete's Place because it looked the nicest. The food was good!

You get a plate of spaghetti, ravioli, and meatballs served family style with your entree.

I ordered fettucini alfredo.

We didn't take a picture together all day. :(

Not sure why this one turned out blurry. Probably best--I was hot after a day on the road and exploring the lake area.

Thanks Ty for planning a fun day trip for us!! I love getting to spend weekends with you!


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