Weekend Recap

I thought I would be spending the evening alone, but Ty ended up getting off much earlier than expected. The weather was amazing, so we headed to an arboretum to take Nuts on a walk. The arboretum is in this gorgeous, old, well-established neighborhood. We walked down a couple streets admiring the houses. I love old houses!
The gorgeous courtyard.

The gorgeous weather carried through Saturday morning. Nuts and I headed to the dog park. He has such a good time playing with the other dogs.
He bonded with his own kind.

You may remember the post where I asked for help picking out some outdoor fabric. Well, I ordered a yard from Joann.com. I patiently waited for the 2 week time that they said it would take receive it. I never received it so I called them and they said, "oh its on back order until the end of August." I ordered the fabric on June 30. Needless to say I was not happy! They didn't even notify me that it was on back order. (It wasn't on back order when I placed the order.) I cancelled the order and placed a new one with fabric.com. They ship within 48 hrs. I should have gone with them in the first place.
I recovered the seats and I'm happy with the results.
The before
The after
I was watching the news Saturday morning and they were advertising free day at the zoo. I texted Ty and said if you get off early we are going. I hadn't been to this city's zoo since I was itty bitty. There are no pictures from this experience. It did not turn out well. The wonderful weather had left and it was hot and humid. The animals were pretty lethargic. It was nice to get out and do something with Ty on a Saturday. I'm thrilled to have him around on Saturday afternoons and not have him studying.

Saturday night we went to the mall. I was out of mascara {dior blackout} and it is only sold at Sephora. I love going there and getting perfume samples. I am trying out a couple of philosophy perfumes. We ended the night with the best snow cones ever!

I love Sunday afternoons! I usually spend them at home being lazy and baking something.
Nuts and I went back to the dog park for an hour, took naps, did some laundry, etc.
I made blueberry muffins with a struesel topping.

Ty is on a cardiology rotation this month. He worked this past weekend and should have the rest of the August weekends off. Yay!


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