It's a miracle...I can hear!

You all are so sweet! Your comments and suggestions about my ear problems were so nice. I couldn't get in to see a doctor for a week, so I decided to head to an urgent care clinic yesterday at lunch time. The doctor used this long syringe that looked like a needle and flushed everything out with warm water. I could hear immediately! It was a miracle!
I hadn't realized just how much I really couldn't hear until I could hear again. Everything was amplified. I could hear my hands running over my shirt as I rubbed my back. My blinker sounded like a freight train. It was crazy!

I woke up yesterday with a stomach ache. I laid in bed for a few extra minutes but made the decision to ignore it and go to work. Once at work I was sitting in meetings slumped over because it made my stomach feel better. I complained to the doctor when he was looking over my ears, but stomach pains are a pretty vague thing to diagnose. I went home instead of going back to work. I'm glad I did, because my stomach pain kept getting worse as the day went on. I never got "sick", but the pain was horrible. I woke up this morning and the pain was much better than the day before, but it was still pretty bad.

Being sick made me realize just how blessed I was to be surrounded by people that care about me. Chesley brought me some yummy soup from Panera. {She is such a good friend!} Poor Ty has listened to me complain for over a week straight about my ears and now my stomach. I think Nuts enjoyed me being sick. He stayed in bed with me all day yesterday and today. I didn't get on my computer until this evening, but reading all your comments and tweets on my phone made me so happy and kept me from getting too bored.

I'm determined to be better in the morning, because I have a work trip. I haven't travelled all summer for work and I am starting to miss it!

And because this post and last post has not been very pleasant I will leave you with some pictures of Nuts and his new neighbor.

Our neighbors got a new puppy, Shiloh. The fence in between the two is pretty old and some of the boards need to be replaced. They took advantage of that and started digging a little.

Every morning when I let Nuts out Shiloh has her head sticking out just waiting on him. It's so cute, but eventually we are going to have to fix it.

{and no I'm not pregnant! :) I have been asked this several times already.}

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