Sneaking in the Veggies

I am not a vegetable person. In fact, growing up I would cut my green beans into pieces that I could swallow whole to avoid tasting them while I chewed. Obviously, my parents made us kids eat them before we could leave the table. Now that I have a child I want to make sure he has a nutritious, well-balanced diet. I have been hiding spinach in things like fruit smoothies and lasagna, so when my sister-in-law, Heather, pinned Veggie Packed Pizza Rolls I was intruiged.

I made them this weekend and they were delish! It was a simple recipe involving a jar of store bought spaghetti sauce, 2 cups of vegetables and a blender. I did not make my own pizza dough, though to cut down on time and out of laziness. I also added turkey pepperoni. Jack loved them! Ty and I enjoyed them too.

Once I combined the vegetables with the jarred spaghetti sauce I had a lot of sauce. I have a full jar leftover and plan to use it on this easy, weeknight recipe that we enjoy.

Does anyone else sneak vegetables into their dishes? I'm open to suggestions on other ways to add vegetables to our meals!

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