weekend recap

We had a perfect weekend away at our hometown. The weather on Friday was gorgeous--in the 70s. I think Jack spent the entire day outside minus his afternoon nap. As soon as he woke up at Ty's parents house he was begging to go outside. We explored, hiked, went on four wheeler/golf cart rides and went up to the clinic to see Aunt Sarah and Uncle Trace and the animals. We headed to my parents house mid-morning. (What can I say, I've created an early riser! We accomplished a lot before 10 am.) Ty and I decided to take advantage of Jack's naptime and headed into town to see a movie. We spent the evening with Ty's parents, siblings and the nephews and niece. The next morning we watched Lucas play basketball. Jack loved clapping and cheering! We spent the rest of the day with my family to celebrate my niece's first birthday. We decided to head home Saturday night due to impending weather. I'm so glad we did! It alternated between sleet and snow. We stayed bundled up inside and it was so nice to get that extra family time. Jack took a four hour nap. He was worn out from his time with all his cousins! Ty had to go to work today, but Jack and I are still enjoying our time at home.

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