Our favorite "Jack" books!

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I have always had a love for books, and I'm so thankful that Jack seems to have a love for them too. We love to read around here! We were blessed to have a book themed baby shower thrown for us by a great group of medical students. I love reading those books to Jack and seeing the nice messages that they all wrote to him. We have also been gifted with several books centered around the name Jack. These books hold a special place in my heart, and Jack loves for me to read them to him. A couple of them are out of print, but if you run across them, snatch them up. You'll love them. I promise.

King Jack and the Dragon

Jack has really started becoming a little boy and is leaving the baby stage behind. Everything about this book epitomizes the world of a little boy--imagination, forts, friends, swords, and the comfort that parents provide. I enjoy rhyming stories--"Jack, Zak, and Caspar were making a den, a mighty, great fort for King Jack and his men." The book is illustrated by Helen Oxenbury, who wrote We're Going on a Bear Hunt. I also love that it comes in a board book and has the glossy pages. While, this is a sponsored post I chose the content and the sponsor has no connection to this book. I just think every little boy should have this in his library.

The House that Jack Built (Little Golden Book)
Nothing is more classic than a Little Golden Book! This book has a great cadence. 

This Is the House Where Jack Lives
This book is out of print, but if you come across it, buy it! It also has a great cadence. The book has a cute surprise ending!

No, No, Jack!
Jack requests this book by name, "No, no!" every night. The story is about a dog who hides things in closets. The closets are flaps that the child gets to open. You probably surmised from the title, but the words "no, no" are used a lot. This is probably why Jack likes it so much.

We haven't read the bottom three books as they are a little long for a toddler's short attention span, but I look forward to reading them with Jack as he gets older.

I want to look back on this time in my life and remember how precious it was to have my sweet, little toddler curled up in my lap requesting book after book to be read to him. 

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