Easter Basket Ideas for Baby

Last Easter, Jack was 8 months old. I wanted to get him a few goodies for his Easter basket, but wasn't really sure what to get him. It's not like an 8 month old really needs anything or completely understands presents. Based on how much we used these items this past year, I'd say I did good. :)

Jellycat Bunny / Jellycat Touch and Feel Book / Bubbles / Ella's Kitchen Cookies / Personalized Hat

The bunny has become a favorite around here and is uniquely named, Peter. I love to watch Jack love on this bunny and it is the softest thing! Jack really liked touch and feel books and this one kept him occupied in the car and at church for months. The hat was chosen because of a planned trip to Breckenridge in May. I'm not suggesting you buy a knit beanie in April. :) It did work out well for our trip and all of winter.

Jack woke up from his nap while I was working on this post and saw the picture showing Peter and the book. He got so excited and started saying, "hop, hop", which is what he calls a bunny.

This year with a 21 month old, I'm planning to put a swimsuit, color wonder books and markers, Zubels Pirate "Arrnee"  hand-knit doll and the book, Steam Train Dream Train.
I love gift ideas and seeing what others are buying for holidays. Anyone else know what they are purchasing for their kids' Easter baskets?

And because, he is just too cute I have to post these pictures of Jack with his Easter basket last year.

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