Spring Fest

Can ya'll tell that Spring is my favorite season?!? Saturday Ty and I attended an event put on by our city's garden club. There were lots of different vendors and nurseries with booths set up. One of our local shelters had their mobile shelter set up with the cutest dogs ever. Ty wouldn't let me have a puppy--he's so mean! haha! I don't know what I would actually do with another dog, but they were so cute!

The weather was so nice. I think it was only 55 degrees, but the sun was shining and for once there was no wind. It was a perfect day. The park was packed with people.

The azaleas were in full bloom!

Some poor passerby was asked to take our picture. Ty loves it when I do this! {that was a very sarcastic comment.}

Luckily for Ty he has long arms and can sometimes snap a good pic of us himself.

There were so many little kids in their Easter outfits getting their pictures taken. There was even a bridal portrait session going on.
It was a busy day for photographers!

I'm glad we enjoyed the weather on Saturday, because Easter Sunday was COLD and rainy. I tried to get a pic of Ty and I in our Easter outfits, but my camera's self-timer did not want to cooperate. And the only place that was tall enough for the camera to sit on was the mantle. It didn't make for the best background. Oh well!
We did not try to match our outfits, it just turned out this way. Besides that if we were trying to match I hope we would do a better job than this! :) These greens kinda clash!

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