Keepin' It Real

Keepin' It Real

I was tagged by Whitney at My Journey Toward: The Glamorous Life of a Housewife.

Here are the rules:

Take a picture of yourself RIGHT now.

No primping or preparing.

Just snap a picture.

Load the picture onto your blog.

Tag some people to play.

Thankfully, I chose to read Whitney's post about this tag early this morning after I had done my make-up and before I left the hotel. Although you can't tell! I might as well have taken it later this evening.
-I spent the night at a hotel last night on my way to a recruiting trip. There is only one hotel in the town I was headed to and it did not look promising. I chose to stay 1.5 hours away in a decent hotel and then get up and drive the rest of the way this morning. (This town is 3.5 hours from mine and I had to be here early!)
-I had to take the pic with my blackjack because I did not pack my camera for this trip.
-Its early and my eyes are puffy and I haven't put on any lipstick yet. I have ZERO color in my lips. Its so weird!
-Of course I'm in my normal attire of a white, v-neck hanes tshirt. I live in these things.
-I only had one light on because for one thing it was early and for another its a hotel room. Hotel rooms never have good lighting. And it was taken on my phone. Hence the shadows and weird angle.
That's me Keepin' It Real! Its what the hubs sees every morning and every evening. I get up way before him so he always sees me with make-up on in the morning.
I tag:
Megan @ Tale of the Trees
Bama Belle in the Big City
Brittney @ Running in High Heels
Natalie @ The Pettijohn's
The Pink Tutu

And anyone else who wants to do it!

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