Race Day=Photo Shoot

The school I work for held a 5K, 10K and fun run race on Saturday. Ty helped at it. He was assigned to the turn around point for the mile fun run to make sure people saw where to turn around and that they rounded the cone. I decided to get out and sit with him at his assigned spot. It was a pretty nice day, so I decided to take Nuts with me. There were lots of dogs at the race and Nuts loved it. That is until it was time for us to walk the half mile to Ty's assigned place. It was extremely windy outside. Nuts is scared of the wind. When its windy outside he will refuse to walk on his leash. He hunkers down on the ground and will not move. We ended up carrying him a lot. The school is located near a river and the turn around point was on a bridge over the river.

I thought it was so nice and of course had to take a picture to share with all of you.

Then Ty decided to take a picture of me with the river in the background. As soon as he snaps a picture of me I always have to look at it to make sure I didn't close my eyes or have hair in my face. (I know most of you do this too! Its the best and the worst part of a digital camera.) He decided to snap the picture with the apartments in the background. Not what I wanted...

So of course I made him take another one. You can tell how windy it was by looking at Nuts' ears. They are just flapping in the wind! This wasn't the background I wanted either...

One more picture to get the background I wanted and it turned out bad. I guess Ty knew what he was doing after all.

Since I have started this blog Ty has gotten quite used to my requests to take my picture. Sometimes he just smirks and sarcastically says, "Is this going on the blog?" and other times he actually volunteers to take my picture, like on this day, and then I make him take about 5 different pictures. Its not exactly his favorite thing in the world, especially when I yell at him from the living room when he is back in his office studying to come take a picture of me, usually with Nuts by my side. But he always does it! He is such a great husband!


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