Waiting on my doorstep...

This purse should be waiting on my doorstep when I get home. Yay! I have a navy purse pretty similar to this but it is really worn out. I was so happy when J.Crew came out with it in navy. I ordered it on the handy dandy red phone in NYC. Tote style purses are my fave. It's so easy to reach in and out of it while never having to remove it from your shoulder. Plus you can stuff just about anything into them. Its going to be the perfect summer bag!
I'm eyeing this dress for some of the more casual weddings that I will be attending this summer. I love the color and the sweetheart neckline. The strap is optional and I would wear it strapless. Looks like I will be making a trip to the mall this weekend. I just hope that color looks good against my pale, ice cold skin. (I may or may not be a vampire.) hehe!

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