I have finally recovered from my Birmingham trip. I got sick the day after we got back. Then on Wednesday I had a recruitment event in a city 2 hours from mine, so I got home really late that night. (Which is the reason for the lack of blog posts.)

Today I feel a lot more rested! A student at our school is doing a fundraiser for a breast cancer walk that she is participating in. It is the best fundraiser--a smoothie or a frozen coffee drink and your choice of 3 different muffins. I will have a smoothie and a banana nut bread muffin waiting on my desk when I get to work. And its casual Friday! It is going to be a good day!

Last night I made tacos and got to use my new little bowls for salsa. I have been on the look out for small bowls for this very purpose. I found these at Anthropologie when I was in Birmingham. I love that store! I wish we had one in my state.

Happy Friday!

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