The B-I-B-L-E

The hubs just loves it when I take his picture!

Ty bought me a new bible for Easter. My old one was falling apart. The pages had come apart from the binding and half of the pages would fall out. I wasn't even taking it to church, because I was afraid it would fall apart and I would lose some pages.
Ty wanted me to pick it out myself. I knew what I wanted when I went to pick it out: small size, but not too small; no crazy color or design. Of course, I didn't stick with that. This is the bible I went with.
I saw it at Border's and loved the size and the way it was set up inside. I liked the color, but thought it might be too much for a bible. I got online later to search for one this size but in different colors. I couldn't find anything else that I liked, so we ordered this one. (from amazon. For some reason I order everything from amazon.) It should come in tomorrow. I'm very excited!
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