You Throw Like a Girl

I was not blessed with much coordination. I can't ever throw things where I intend for them to go and catching something--forget it! I am always throwing Nuts' toys into walls, Ty's head, and onto the other couch by accident. We have a dimmer light switch in our living room. Below the dimmer is a push button to turn the light completely off. The other day I threw one of his stuffed toys and hit the button and turned off the lights. I couldn't do that on purpose if I tried a million times.
Tonight I was not so lucky. I was standing near that same light switch and throwing his toy down the hallway. Well, I was getting tired of playing so I threw it really, really hard. I wanted it to go all the way down the hall and into our bedroom so that it would take him longer to come back. (And maybe wear him down a little.) So I threw it really, really hard and right as my hand was coming down from the throw, SMACK, right into the sharp corner of the wall. I, of course, screamed pretty loud. It wasn't so much out of pain as it was a cry for attention. I wanted Ty to come running out of his black hole (I mean office) and dote on me. I told him I thought it was broken and then I realized that I could bend it. Drama Queen! Ty doted on me long enough to get me an ice pack and some ibuprofen. I guess I should be pretty happy with that--it is finals week and I will survive!
I am typing this pretty slowly and alternately icing my thumb. It's cut and swollen. OUCH!
And Nuts successfully retrieved his toy and is trying to eat the ice pack. Wonderful! He gets so hyped up on rainy days, because he doesn't get to spend much time outside. He hates getting wet. Ah the hazards of throwing like a girl!
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