Weekend Recap

I had a great weekend! On Friday I returned to my natural color. I had forgotten how light my hair was. I e-mailed this picture to my hair stylist to remind her of what my natural color looked. I hadn't been my natural color since August of last year.

This is how it turned out. Pretty similar. It actually looks a little lighter than this in person. My stylist had to completely strip out the red and then put a color on it. And this is the only picture I took of myself all weekend. Stripping color out of you hair can really damage it, so I went 3 days without washing it. That is a record for me. I also bought some hot oil treatments to help with the damage. So ignore the the side bun. haha!

Gardening in skinny jeans tucked into rain boots is a must. HAHA! Just Kidding!

Ty, Chesley and I tried a new mexican restaurant Friday night. It was no bueno. We will not be visiting it again. I love mexican food, but I will stick with my fave places from now on.

Saturday was spent cleaning, running errands with Ches, and gardening with the hubs. We planted a japanese red maple a few weeks ago. It was exactly a week before we got the unexpected 10 inches of snow. It did not survive. Luckily, Home Depot has a great return policy on all of their plants. We picked up a new tree and some flowers for my flower pots. We also visited a nursery to pick up 2 peony bushes. Peonies are my favorite flowers. I picked out a light pink and a bright pink one (of course). I also bought some jasmine. I love the way it smells. I didn't have a chance to take a picture of the front yard with all the new plants. We just finished it yesterday evening. I did take pics of the flowers I put in my pots. The ranunculus in the picture above and the petunias in the pic below.

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