It's a Great Work Day

It's a great work day because I am working from home today. This basically consists of answering a few e-mails. The a/c at work is being worked on today and according to Ty was shut off last night while he was up there studying. Bad news for Ty because he has to find somewhere else to study, but good news for me!
I went to a new restaurant for lunch on Monday. It's called the Dilly Deli. It was such a unique, eclectic, fun place. They had lots of vintage things lining the shelves along the back wall. I had a fried egg sandwich with bacon, white cheddar and tomato. It was delish!!!

This place is downtown and for those of you are in my area, you should definitely eat there!

Yesterday after work I headed to Whitney's to deliver some food and see that sweet baby boy. I think he is the longest week and half old baby I have ever seen. Seriously, the kid will probably be in the NBA.
He had just eaten when I got there so he was very content and made all kinds of cute faces for me to admire. I went through every outfit in his closet. Levi is one stylin' kid. I can't wait to see him in his cute little shoes. Ah, baby stuff; who doesn't love it?!
He loves to be in his mommy's arms!

Time to work out, answer some e-mails, check out TJ Maxx, answer some e-mails, play with Nuts, check my e-mail, etc. I love working from home!!

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