Lesson Learned

We celebrated Ty's birthday on Friday. I made him cupcakes.

There is a store here that sells cards and lots of silly, random gifts. I found this gum for Ty. It pretty much sums up his life right now. Thank goodness he takes his test this Saturday!

We went to dinner for his birthday on Friday night. Ty's parents came up on Saturday to celebrate some more.
I have been searching white skinny jeans all spring. I finally found a pair that fits! I got them at Ann Taylor Loft for $20. I know that several of you have been searching for a pair as well.
I asked Ty to take a pic of me in my new jeans. This is what he took. Thanks honey!

Apparently Nuts didn't want to have his picture taken. I just gave up! You get the idea though.

I wore the white jeans to dinner with Ty and lo and behold spilled something on them! aaaggghhh! I'm going to have to carry a tide to go pen with me. Luckily, it came out after a couple of washes.
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