Etsy Finds for the pooch

**Fabric update: Thank you all so much for helping me choose a fabric! At the time that I placed the order it was a tie between A, B, & D. Those were my top 3 faves too. I ended up ordering option D. I can't wait for it to get here so I can share pics with you all.**

I was visiting InkObsession's blog the other day and she posted about these dog collars she found on etsy. Isn't that hilarious and cute at all that same time!? I can't imagine a dog actually wearing the flower and not trying to chew it off.
Well you all know how I feel about etsy, so I headed over there to search for boy collars. Nuts is in need of a new collar, but I don't like any that I have seen lately. I was very excited about the choices etsy would provide. I wish I had a girl dog, because their collars are so much cuter! They had fun colors, patterns, bows, etc. But alas, I don't have a girl dog so these options will have to work:




I like all three of these, but I think I am going to go with the faux burberry plaid. I would love to get Nuts a real Burberry collar and have actually been looking at them online. But there is no way I will spend that much on my dog.
If you have a dog then you need to search etsy for a new collar. They have something for everyone: skulls for you rock/punk peeps, lilly and vera fabric ones for you prepsters, sports teams for you sporty peeps and embroidered ones for you monogram-loving peeps. The sports team themed ones were actually really cute. Much cuter than the team ones I have seen at PetCo. The collars range from inexpensive to expensive. Definitely worth checking out!
What would I do without etsy?!

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