I am a book worm. I just love to read! I always seem to read more in the summer for whatever reason. I have several books checked out from the library. {Don't you just love that place!?} I wanted to share what I have read lately. I love getting book recommendations from other bloggers.
This book is an oldie, but a goodie. I enjoy re-reading my books. I know that some people hate doing that, but I find that I read so many books and wait a while before re-reading that I don't remember every little detail when I go back through the book. I enjoy it! This copy has been passed back and forth between my sister and I. It is starting to look a little ragged, but isn't that a sign of a good book?? This is definitely classic chick lit. Plus it is recommended by one of my favorite chick lit authors, Sophie Kinsella.
Book description: "Natalie Raglan has traded her country-girl roots for the trendy scene in London's Notting Hill. But she hasn't quite adopted the glamorous lifestyle she thought would come along with the new digs. She is working as a lowly shop assistant at a hip boutique and spending Saturday nights alone watching television. When her flat's former tenant receives a piece of mysterious mail, she can't refrain from peeking. And Natalie certainly doesn't expect to call the man whose information is inside, or to fall in love with him. Unfortunately, she has also fabricated almost everything about her life, and it is not long before her lies catch up to her. Townley draws comparisons to Vanity Fair's conniving Becky Sharp, but Natalie isn't a scheming social climber; she is just struggling to find her place. With clean prose and engaging characters, Townley has set a classic story in a hip locale."

This is the book I am currently reading: Julie & Julia.

This book was made into a movie and will come out sometime in August. I saw a preview for it at the movie theater and decided to read the book before it came out.

It is not like the other books that I read and is a little bit more slow going, but still a good book. The main character Julie started off her whole project by blogging. It is funny to hear her talk about her Bleaders. (blog readers=bleaders.) She gets excited about comments just like all of us.

I'm tempted to stop reading it, because I have a lot of other great books checked out that are calling my name. It is an interesting read and I don't want to discourage anyone from reading it. I think it is just hard to adjust to an autobiography type book.

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