A New Invention: Chickies

I was out of the office yesterday morning to head to my college town to pick up some t-shirts that I had ordered for recruitment events. I talked Chesley into riding along with me. We had such a good time, but alas no pictures were taken. We drove to our sorority house, our old apartments and other old haunts. It brought back such great memories! I wish we could have spent all day there, but that thing called work got in the way. :)

I got an iPhone!!! I know that I am kinda behind the times on this. Ty and I ordered them online because through my company they would waive the activation fee if ordered online. We ordered them on June 25 and they FINALLY came in last night! I felt so cool once it was activated. haha!{Yes, it takes a phone to make me feel cool which probably means I'm not very cool in the first place. haha!}

I was watching E! News yesterday and they were talking about Chickies. I became very intruiged. Chickies are essentially a "fake tank". So instead of always wearing a camisole underneath shirts, dresses, etc. you just attach the chickie to your bra and viola instant coverage.
Who can resist shopping from a company with such a cute logo!?

I am dying to have one of these!

I can think of so many shirts and dresses that I could wear something like this under. I actually came up with something similar to this for one of my dresses. It was too low to not wear a cami underneath, but too clingy for an actual cami. So I cut up an old black shirt and safety pinned it to the dress. It is the ghetto chickie! I'm thinking an actual chickie would be much easier to work with.

Have any of you tried this? Did it work/stay in place?

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