Wicked Weekend

I had a fantastic weekend! It was a Wicked Girls Weekend. Wicked came to town and my MIL bought all of us girls tickets. Ty had to work at the hospital this weekend, but did get to spend some time with everyone. But for the most part it was all girls. They got here Saturday right before lunch. We headed to an upscale, outdoor shopping center in my city and had lunch at one of my favorite sandwich shops, Queenie's. Then, the shopping began.

After the shopping we came back to my house to get ready for dinner and the musical. I made CD's from the Wicked soundtrack for everyone along with themed cupcakes. (I'm kinda obsessed with cupcakes lately.)

Pink for Glinda the Good Witch and Green for the so-called Wicked Witch.
This is the type of picture you get when you ask the hubs to take it.

The whole gang

We ate at Tucci's, an amazing Italian restaurant. Probably the best alfredo sauce I have ever have. Yummy!

At dinner: My MIL, Beverly; SIL, Heather; SIL, Amy
The in-laws, Sarah and I.

The Wicked set

This was my second time to see Wicked. I saw it last summer in Chicago. It is such a cute musical, but also has a deeper meaning. I LOVE it! If you ever get the chance to see it, take it!

After church this morning I made brunch. I will have to share one of the recipes with you all later this week. It was definitely girl food.
Ty and I will get to see everyone again next weekend for Heather's wedding. (She is the girl in the blue dress.) We can't wait! She is going to be a gorgeous bride and I will probably have several pics to share.
It was such a fun weekend! I'm so glad we all got to spend time with each other. We had great conversation, entertainment and way too many cupcakes!

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