I'm not usually a big hat person. I always feel kinda funny in them. But it is nice to have a hat that you can throw to do random things in. I always want one when I take Nuts to the dog park. It is always so windy. Even with my hair in a pony tail it's always flying in my face.

I ordered Chesley a hat for her birthday. They didn't have the one she wanted in the store, so I ordered it online. Well, I have been having awful luck with online shipping lately and even though I placed the order a week before her birthday it didn't come in until a week after her birthday. Oh well. I had it shipped directly to the store for free, so we went to pick it up the other night. The girl has a lot of hair and the hat didn't fit so we had to exchange it. The store was holding a buy one get one half off so they let me return the original hat and then purchase two more for the discount. Whoo hoo!

yes we are gay and are posing back to back. We were using the self timer and it took several takes to get a good one. It didn't help that we had both just gotten off work and felt like our appearances had gone down hill. (Why does that happen?)

I won a giveaway!!!!!! I have been pretty lucky since I have started blogging. This is my 4th giveaway to win. Yay!! Peeptoe Pumps and Pearls hosted this summer stationary giveaway. I can't wait to get mine. I had a hard time deciding between the whale or the crab. I finally chose the crab, because he is pink. But man that whale is cute! Thanks Jill!

That's all I could come up with for today's post. Work has left me exhausted every day this week. Not sure why, because its not different than any other week. Almost Friday!


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