Weekend Recap

I was off work Friday, so my weekend started Thursday night with Chesley's birthday celebration. We did our usual Thursday night thing: Summer's 5th Night (concert in the park). Except it was more special with birthday gifts and cupcakes and friends we don't get to see that often!
I made these for the b-day celebration.

The icing color was exactly what I was going for. It looked more like the lighter color in the picture above. Some of the pictures make it look brighter than it really was.

The birthday girl!

All the girls.

Friday morning I met Megan for breakfast at Chick-fil-a. She is an early riser and with Ty getting up early for his rotations I can't go back to sleep so we decided to meet for breakfast. I hardly ever get to eat a Chick-fil-a breakfast; I was so excited. It is so much fun to get to know a blogger better! She is such a sweet girl.

Saturday morning Nuts and I got up to go to the dog park. The weather didn't exactly agree with us. We only had about 30 minutes before the thunderstorms were supposed to hit, so we just went to a park in our neighborhood. I let him run around without his leash, but he didn't get to play with any other dogs. My aunt made this collar cover for him. He wore it on the 4th to show his patriotism. :)

Ty and I went down to the river to watch the fireworks show.

Beautiful views of the river.

Sunday evening it was 75 degrees out!! We took Nuts to the neighborhood park to run around. There is a nice community center at the park. As we were driving in we saw two young boys, probably 10-12 years old spray painting naughty words onto the side of the building. Ty had his window down and yelled at them and they ran off. I can't believe those little kids were such punks.

The weather was absolutely amazing and we enjoyed our walk at the park. I love having Ty around in the evenings. He has been working pretty long hours, but when he gets home there is no studying. (Although, he is doing some reading to keep up with what is going on with the patients at the hospital.) It is amazing!

Now it's back to the grind. Happy Monday!


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