Answers, part 1

You asked, I answer.

RN Mama asked:
What kind of doctor does your husband want to "be?"
He still has a little bit of time before he has to make that decision. Thank goodness, because the man loves everything so far! He is leaning more toward something to do with bones, joints, muscles, etc.

CTB asked:
Have you decided what Nuts will be for Halloween?
I bought two Halloween costumes on clearance last year at Target. He will either be a lobster or a bumble bee. I'm not sure he will actually wear it w/o tearing it apart!

Ashley asked:
How did you and your hubby meet?
Ty and I grew up in the same small town. He attended a really tiny school on the edge of town that closed down after he was in 4th grade. He started school with me in the 5th grade. I have had a crush on him since the 6th grade! aaawww. We are high school sweethearts and the rest is history.

Southern Champagne Wishes asked:
Did you date all the way through high school and college? When did you get married?
We dated our freshman and sophomore year of high school. On and off for our junior and senior year. We broke up to go to college, but still ended up seeing each other a couple of weekends a month. the rest answered below...

The Pettijohn's asked:
What made you decide Cowboy over Sooner?
This question and the one from Southern Champagne Wishes above can be answered together. Ty was a cowboy and I was a sooner our freshman year of college. I ended up transferring schools to be with him and never looked back. Yes, I switched schools for a boy. Lame. I know! But it worked out and ended up being the best thing possible for me. I definitely blossomed at OSU. God always has the ultimate plan for us all and you never know what might happen.

We got married two weeks after we graduated from college and moved to a new city two after our wedding. It was a very busy time!

Jill asked:
What was your major in college?
I majored in Public Relations. I love how flexible my major is and it definitely has given me several opportunities.

Several people asked this:
What kind of work do you do?
I recruit undergrad students to attend med school. The same med school Ty attends. I was very lucky to find this job and started during his orientation week. I have met some great people including miss Whitney. My job allows me to travel and I have been to some great places courtesy of my company. I also get to do event planning, which I love!

Kelsey@ Seattle Smith's:
If you could make $1 million dollars doing your dream job what would it be?
I LOVE what I do right now. I want to do more it, with more responsibility but we shall see.
Then there is part of me that wants to own a store full of beautiful things, but without the responsibility of being a small business owner. :)

Kassie asked:
How did your husband propose to you?
We had a perfect weekend visiting my grandparents and hanging out with my nephew. We had so much fun. On the way home, Ty set up the perfect conversation--talking about our kids' names. What girl wouldn't love that conversation?!

He let me pick where we ate dinner--Chili's. (Which happens to be one of my fave restaurants and the choices were limited in our college town. They have the best chips and salsa!)

I lived in the sorority house at the time and we stopped by there before heading out to the next part of our evening. Ty wanted to take a walk around campus. I wanted to watch Desperate Housewives in the tv lounge. If I had only known...

He is too good to me and sat with a bunch of girls while we watched the show. Then we headed out to take our walk. This was in January, but it was a really warm day for Jan. He proposed at Theta Pond. I have no idea what he said. I was just so excited!! I kept saying, "shut up." I didn't believe it. We got married 16 months later on campus overlooking Theta Pond. It was perfect!
He proposed on the sidewalk direclty behind us in this pic.

part two coming soon...
I'm sure you all are just anxiously awaiting it.
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