family, pops, & friends

On our way home on Sunday we stopped by Ty's sister and her family's house. It was so nice to see them all. I didn't take any pictures, but I did lift this one of Lillian from Amy's blog.

Lillian was playing with her rock collection when we got there.
Lillian and I had a good time coloring pictures and giving them to each other.

This was the most recent picture I had of Lucas. He will be two in December and is all boy! You can't see the back of his hair in this picture, but he has the cutest little curls.

After we left their house we stopped by Pops. I have blogged about this place before here.

We ate in their diner for the first time on Sunday. It was delish!

Today I was out on the road for a recruitment event. It just happened to be at the same university where Megan works. I had a break for lunch, so she picked me up and we had some yummy tomato basil soup and 1/2 a sandwich at a nice sandwich shop.

She works in this cute, old house on campus. It was adorable.

She showed me her office and it is so spacious and homey! Her department has a golf cart to use to get around campus, so she drove me back to the building that I was working at in the golf cart. It was a gorgeous day to be driving around campus in that thing. Thanks Megan!

I have taken on some new responsibilities at work. I'm enjoying it and hoping it eventually turns into a promotion. Fingers crossed. But with those extra duties and my travelling schedule at work my blogging, e-mailing and commenting might be sporadic.

I have had lots of new commentors lately and I like to try to visit you all, but things have been busy at work and will only get busier. I love each and every comment, so please don't get offended or stop commenting if I don't get a chance to visit your blog very often. :)


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