A few random bullets:
  • I Fall-ified my house last night. All my pumpkins have been scattered about. The reds, oranges, and browns of my fall decor just warm my house up.
  • Ty and I watched Modern Family tonight online at abc.com and we loved it. So funny!
  • My leopard coasters that were in a few of the pictures from my last post are from a seller on etsy. I couldn't find the seller on there anymore, but there are several different people that sell similar ones.

Since work is busy right now and all I have been doing is working or travelling for work I am going to do a Q&A on my blog. I have several new followers and commenters and I think this would be a good way for you all to get to know me!

Feel free to leave a question in the comment section and I will try to answer them all next week.

Have a great weekend!!

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