Weekend Recap

Friday I went to lunch with a coworker and these two. We miss Whitney at work! It was good to see her and Levi!

You can't really tell, but he had on the cutest polo onesie. It had embroidered whales all over it, very preppy and very cute.

Saturday My sorority held an alumni tailgate, so Ty and I drove back for it. Poor guy had worked nights all week for his OB/GYN rotation. He only got a couple of hours of sleep before we had to leave our house to drive back to our alma mater. He is such a good sport! He also "caught" his first baby in the wee hours of Saturday morning. I think that is such an amazing thing!

My great grand-little, Lisa. love her.

I made the dress above. It took me several tries to get it the way I wanted, but I eventually decided it was presentable enough. I spent a lot of nights last week with the seam ripper!

We wanted a picture in front of the sign. Please ignore the food table. It was the end of the tailgate and well, tailgates are never pretty once a 100+ girls have gone through the food line. :)

This is the current president. She was just a little freshman when I was president. Gosh, I'm old!

The rain held off until the 3rd quarter. Chesley's poncho wouldn't stay on her head. Luckily, she was able to use my umbrella w/o blocking anyone's view.

After the game, Ty's parents took us to dinner at the Rancher's Club. OSU has a great hotel and restaurant administration program. They run a campus hotel and restaurant. It is all 5 star and has excellent service. The dinner was delish!!

I had shrimp with saffron risotto--amazing!

{poor quality due to the iphone and a dark room}

Ty's sister and her husband at dinner.

Ty's parents

I had so much fun at my college town, even though we lost the game. I love that place. It was a long day and I had to make the long drive home. Poor Ty was about to fall over from a lack of sleep. He took a REALLY long nap on Sunday.

Sunday I am teaching the 2&3 year olds on Sunday morning. They are such cuties. We learned about David and Goliath. It was so cute to hear them say Goliath in their sweet, little voices. Sunday night our class {our regular, grown-up class, not the kiddo class} had a game night. I love game nights! They are always so much fun!


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