Work is super busy right now and it sounds like it is that way for a lot of other bloggers. I'm too tired/stressed to think of a title right now!

You know you are married to a medical student when you catch him "scrubbing in" for dinner.
I swear he washed half way up his arms! By the time I saw it and ran into the living room for my phone he was done.
But I did capture him drying his hands. Completely blog worthy, no?
I couldn't tell that story without any pictures!

Oh and when Ty was on nights I put aluminum foil on our bedroom windows to help him sleep better during the day. I never want to take it down. It may look white trash, but
It. Is. Amazing! Too bad one of our bedroom windows is on the front of the house. Maybe just a few more days...

Ty snapped these pics last night:

Anytime I work out at home Nuts will lay down and watch me. It is so weird!

Apparently, I am entertaining and no doubt amusing.

Ty was watching tv in the living room, so I popped the 30 Day Shred into my computer and propped it up on Nuts' old dog cage. {I just bought him one of the fold down metal crates, which is why this one is just sitting out and why there is a box in front of the fireplace.}
And yes I am doing girl style push-ups.

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