the long weekend

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! Mine was fantastically boring.
I took zero pictures this weekend! That is so weird for me. We (meaning Nuts and I) did absolutely nothing all weekend! It was amazing.
Ty was/is on a crazy work schedule this month, so I spent a lot of time at home with the dog.
My excitement consisted of watching the last half of the Gossip Girl season 2 that I had somehow missed out on. Can't wait for the new season starting next week!
And cleaning.
lots. of. cleaning.
I swear it must have been a month, since I had cleaned the house because that is what I did all weekend long. It was ridiculous. But now my house is sparkling!
I do have a couple of new recipes to share with you all this week.
In addition to watching tv and cleaning the house I also ate a ton!
This always seems to happen when Ty isn't around much.
I made the mistake of purchasing double stuffed oreos at the grocery store on Saturday.
Why do I torture myself so??
I ate lots of pasta, bread and oreos every night. It twas delish. And now I have to work out every day this week!
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