weekend recap

Friday I got home from my work trip and headed to dinner with Ty and Chesley. We went to Casa Bonita. My mom and aunt used to take all of us kids to eat there. I remember it being this HUGE restaurant with flags on every table that you raised when you wanted the waiter to stop by. I also remember a big game room. The restaurant burned down years ago and someone finally renovated it.

It was exactly like I remember, except the food was awful. I'm pretty sure it all came out of a can. We had a good time anyways. Chesley and I felt like the parents of a little boy. I gave Ty $1 to go play games while Ches and I talked. haha!

Saturday Ty and I travelled to a neighboring city for his Grandma's birthday celebration. It was so nice to see everyone and meet some family members I had never met before. After the party we drove to Ty's sister's house to hang out for a couple of hours. We always have so much fun over there.

Lillian and Ty were racing. She wanted him to wear her helmet.

Lucas was trying to keep up!

Look at those curls!Ty had curls as a baby. I hope that our kids get them! They are so cute!

I squeezed into the tent with Lillian and Nathan crawled in.
It was pretty crowded in there!

Nathan liked to peek out and see what was going on.

Sunday It has been rainy and dreary here for what seems like forever. The sun made an appearance on Saturday and stuck around for Sunday. I think the rain is supposed to be back soon though. We went to a park on Sunday to enjoy the sunshine.

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