searching for paradise

Bloggers, I need your help! My husband has finally been convinced to take me on a tropical vacation. Yay!

I have been trying to convince him to take some of that med school loan money and go on a great vacation. After a rotation with several residents who took several amazing vacations during med school with their loan money, he has been convinced!

Now before you all start to lecture about using loan money for this venture let me tell you all that my husband is very frugal. He has been very smart with his loan money. In the grand scheme of things a couple thousand dollars does not matter when you are taking out hundreds of thousands of dollars to go to school. We really want to take a good vacation before we have other responsibilities. {ahem, children. don't get too excited it still won't be happening anytime soon, but we want to take advantage of not having any kids.}

This is where you all come in! I need some advice. Have you been anywhere that you would recommend? Would you do all inclusive? Did you use a travel agent?

We will probably stick with Mexico. We don't want to go crazy with loan money; just a nice little vacay!

We won't be going until Ty's vacation month next July, but I am such a planner. I'm feeling overwhelmed with all the options. Help!

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