Weekend Recap & Turtle Pretzels

Now that we are down to the 12 days of Christmas, baking, presents, parties, etc. have taken over our lives. I love it!

I have decided that I am going to share the recipes of all the goodies that I am making this Christmas season. I love to discover new things via the blog world and I hope you all do too.

Making Turtle Pretzels; recipe found here. It is pretzels, rolos, and almonds. A must try.

Ty and I are part of Sharing and Caring at our church. Interested couples/families/singles are assigned to a group of about 8 that get together once a month for dinner. It is a great way to get to know people that you might not interact with on a regular basis. The groups change every so often. Today was our first get together for our new group. We had such a good time visiting with people and eating a delish meal.

A couple of hours later we headed to our Sunday School class party. A woman in our group was very concerned about another woman, W, who had disappeared from the dinner. No one had seen her for at least 20 minutes. The rest of our group just thought that she had taken a phone call and had gone somewhere else to talk. W is a nurse practitioner and works in a NICU. I guess everyone assumed she had gotten a phone call from work. Well, thankfully M was really concerned about W missing. M and her husband started searching the church building and finally found her lying at the bottom of a dark staircase. Our church has several wings and most of the lights were off expect for where we were meeting.

Ty and two nurses in our group rushed to help her and called 911. It was a horrible accident and she is in a medically induced coma. Hopefully, we will have good news in the morning. Please keep W in your prayers. She is a single mother and has a 3 yr. old little girl.

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