Christmas 2009

We knew we were going to have a great Christmas with our families, but it was even more perfect because it was a White Christmas! The news channels are calling it the blizzard of 09. It affected our whole state (and several others) from one end to the other. We know first hand because we traveled from one corner to the complete opposite corner.

Christmas Eve morning at Ty's parents' house.

The grandkids: Lillian, Nathan and Lucas

Ty and Lillian with the huge pile of presents behind the tree.

Sarah and Nathan; He was a sleepy boy.

The snow came down all day on Christmas Eve and the winds were blowing 50-60 mph, but that didn't stop the boys from riding 4 wheelers. I got out with Ty toward the end of the snow fall. My face was shielded from the pelting snow and ice with big sunglasses and Ty's body. After the snow had finished falling we all spent time outside riding 4 wheelers and sledding. I somehow managed to not get a single picture of the outside adventures.

Christmas morning

About to head to my parents house.

I'm so thankful our parents only live 10 minutes from each other. Otherwise we would not have been able to drive to my parents house with the road conditions.

Christmas flashback. (I'm on the right.)

LeAnn and I in our matching scarves from our parents.

My mom and sister made snow icecream. It twas delish!

Saturday afternoon (Dec. 26th) we headed to my Grandma's. The interstate was cleared for the most part, but there were areas to watch out for. I didn't get my camera out the whole evening.
My parents grew up in the same town, so Sunday afternoon was Christmas at my Nanny's house.

Nanny wearing her new apron I bought her from Williams-Sonoma.

Gage and Damen. They look like trouble, don't they?!

Ty and I were blessed with some great presents, but more importantly we got to spend quality time with our families.

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