Merry Christmas

This is not the card that got sent out to all my family and friends. There were lots of last minute issues and I had to choose a different style. At least this one gets to make the blog. :)

Ty and I are heading home as soon as he gets off work today. We can't wait to celebrate Christmas with our families.

Every year Ty's mom labels all the Christmas presents in code names. She did this while her kids were growing up so no one would know which presents to shake and snoop in. In the past she has used reindeer names, names of ski slopes of the place we were travelling to after Christmas for vacation, etc. This year she informed us that she is using a Twilight theme! hahahahaha! I can't wait to see which character I am.

My family has its own tradition of yummy snack food on Christmas day. We always eat a ton of french fries with different dipping sauces. When my mom and I visited NYC this past spring we ate at Pommes Frites and got several ideas for new sauces. Everyone in my family has to bring a new sauce to try out. I can't wait to stuff myself silly.

Merry Christmas!!

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