A tradition & a recipe

Ty gave me an ornament as part of my Christmas present when we were high school seniors. I guess he ran out of ideas for me because I also received a dachshund calendar that year. (I was not a huge dog fan at the time, even though I grew up with a doxie.)

Being a girl in love I started day dreaming that the ornament would end up on our Christmas tree one day. The next year I was determined to build up our future Christmas ornament supply, so I bought Ty an ornament. We are on year seven of our tradition.

I thought this little guy was perfect for Ty this year.
I usually make him wait until our Christmas to open the ornament, but we aren't exchanging any gifts this year. I wanted him to open it early, so we could hang it on the tree. I bought him a doctor ornament last year too. I think it would be cute to have a whole tree full of them. Maybe for his future office...

Now for an addicting, finger-lickin good recipe:
White Chocolate Covered Popcorn

This is soooo easy to make.
1 bag of popcorn
3 squares of vanilla almond bark
little bit of Crisco
1. Pop a bag of popcorn according to the directions on the bag.
2. Melt 3 squares of almond bark, plus a little bit of crisco (half a tsp-ish) in the microwave.
3. Pour popcorn into a gallon ziploc baggie; pour melted almond bark on top of the popcorn and shake.
Don't forget to seal your baggie. But if you do forget I hope you have a "Nuts" around to help you with clean-up.
There are several things you can make with the leftover bark, because really
Christmas season is not complete without almond bark.
*An update on W: They found out she fractured her skull in three places and fractured the bone around her eye. The swelling in her brain has gone down, but is still there and there is still some internal bleeding. Please continue to pray for her. (If you don't know what I am talking about you can read the end of the post below.)

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