Why does Target hate short people??

I love shopping at Target. I can spend hours in that store just browsing each aisle. My bff and I used to meet their for our weekly grocery shopping trips. My wallet is thankful that has stopped. (We are both too busy right now, but I think we need to schedule one soon! hint, hint.)

I ran into Target on my lunch break last week and found some great dresses, but none of them fit! Boo hiss.
A $60 dress at Target???
It is an Annu Sui for Target dress and I'm guessing that is why the price is so high.
It's a gorgeous dress. But $60 at Target kinda goes against my principles. Good thing they didn't have it in my size, so I wasn't tempted.
I couldn't get this to zip in the back, but I wanted to show you all how cute the dress is.
I love sweater dresses with boots and tights. I was so excited to see that the Merona brand had lots of styles and colors this season.

This would look great on a tall person or anyone over the height of 5'2".

This one was my favorite. Love the ruffles. It hit me about half way down my shin. Not flattering. But once again perfect for you tall gals.
**Update: Target does have a small petite section online and it contains the ruffle wrap dress above. yay! Thank you to everyone who told me about it!!

Monday night I was at a recruitment event with a group of my student ambassadors. Several of them read my blog and were playfully teasing me about my mirror shots of my outfits.
sidenote: I am very lucky to work with a great group of students. I always have so much fun when they get to attend recruitment events with me. (I'm the same age as most of them.)
I know they secretly like those pictures. I thought of them the next day when I was getting ready in my hotel room. So this is for them. (You know who you are...)

This outfit turned out to be more casual than I would have liked for the event I was attending. But I was travelling and did not pack a back-up outfit and I dropped a hamburger on the silk dress I wore the day before. (fingers crossed that my dry cleaners are working some magic on the stain.)

{I try to wear school colors when possible to recruitment events.}

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